Frame an Object

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Every framer has their own approach to framing objects - tried and tested techniques combined with a good deal of ingenuity.

Deep rebate mouldings paired with matching spacers create the depth required to accommodate the mounted object.

Line the inside of object frames with Box Frame Lining Fabric.

Fix low value or replaceable objects in place with silicone adhesive or hot melt glue.

Sports balls and other memborabilia can be fixed with purpose made acrylic clips.

Connect the elements of a box frame together with hardware such as bendable fixing plates, canvas offsets and Multipoints.

Miniature Cable Ties can be passed through holes in the undermount and trimmed off closely to securely hold small objects.

Mighty Mounts are high-strength moulded mounts to fix objects in box frames. The mount passes through a hole in the backing board and fixes with a washer.

Tip: If the object came with a certificate of authenticity, you can put a self adhesive polyprop pocket on the back of the frame to keep it safe.