Fix Hangers to a Lighter Frame

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There’s loads of options for hanging very lightweight frames. Choice will be based on the price point of the finished frames, whether you want to add cord/wire and if you want a visible decorative hanger.

Sawtooth Insert Hangers fit into holes made with a face drill - ideal for block mounts.

Sawtooth Hangers screw, pin or press into the frame - suitable for a canvas or frame that can be hung on a pin as a picture hook will protrude over the top.

Triangle Hangers are fixed with escutcheon pins or screws, the triangle is visible over the top of the frame.

Screw Eyes and Screw Rings are a traditional fixings used with picture cord or wire.

Top Hanging Picture Hangers are ideal for small frames glazed on both sides.

Small D Rings can be paired with wire and cord.