At LION, we know a lot about picture framing.

With nearly half a century in the trade, we’ve built up a product range to help you solve every framing challenge.
But we know that finding what you need when you don’t know what we call it or whether it exists can be tricky - so we’ve created this guide to our range of hardware, tools and equipment. There are suggestions for framing tasks ranging from the everyday to the obscure - hopefully introducing you to a few things you’ve never stumbled across before.

I want to...

2 Understand the anatomy of a picture frame
3 Cut a double mount 
4 Hinge artwork into a mount
5 Drymount artwork
6 Decorate a mount
7 Make an extra deep bevel mount
8 Float mount a print
9 Choose the right double sided tape
10 Mount textile art
11 Frame to conservation standards
12 Apply frame glue precisely
13 Mitre cut moulding
14 Join a frame
15 Make a frame from a hard bare wood
16 Make an aluminium frame
17 Cut glazing materials & backing board
18 Choose the right mountboard
19 Choose the right backing board
20 Fix the back into the frame
21 Make a frame deeper
22 Create a space between the glass and mount
23 Strengthen a frame
24 Clean glazing materials
25 Make a narrow frame
26 Start using Chop Service
27 Select the right V Nail
28 Frame a chalk pastel artwork
29 Hand finish a frame
30 I want to frame an oil or acrylic on board
31 Touch up a frame
32 Glaze a frame
33 Seal the back of a frame
34 Seal the back of a frame for conservation
35 Fix hangers to a lighter frame
36 Manually fix hangers to backing board
37 Automatically fix hangers to backing board
38 Choose the right D Ring
39 Choose hangers for a flat backed frame or panel
40 Finish a frame with picture hanging cord
41 Finish a frame with picture hanging wire
42 Fix hangers to a heavier frame
43 Hang a metal panel
44 Frame a metal panel
45 Work out which screw to use
46 Make a frame stand up 
47 Add bumpers to a frame
48 Make it easy for my customer to create a gallery wall
49 Frame sports shirts
50 Frame an object
51 Supply a range of picture hooks
52 Supply a range of security fittings
53 Stretch a canvas
54 Frame a canvas
55 Kit out my workbench
56 Order new equipment
57 Change my Morso blades
58 Realign my underpinner
59 Order mountcutter blades
60 Stay clean and safe in my workshop
61 Pack frames for my customers
62 Organise my workshop and displays
63 Display pictures in my shop or gallery
64 Learn to frame
65 Hear some more tips
66 Connect with other framers