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Mountboard - also known as ‘mat board’ - is a high quality cardboard sheet with facing papers on both sides, used to cut window mounts and as a substrate for mounting artwork.

Sheets are mostly 1200mm x 815mm and usually packed in 5s or 10s - but you don’t have to buy a full pack.

You can order any mixture of mountboards, backing boards and acrylic glazing on our Mixed Sheet Despatch service, the minimum order is just 10 sheets.

Mountboard is available in four quality levels, as defined by Fine Art Trade Guild. The quality you chose will generally relate to the value of the artwork and the level of protection it needs.

Museum Level 1 Mountboards made from 100% cotton fibre rag which is naturally acid free. Any colouring is pigment and won’t easily fade. Long term protection for the finest art.

Conservation Level 2 Acid-free face papers with pigmented colouring. Pure white core and the backing papers are acid-free. Buffered with CaCO3 to help protect the art. Good for high quality art.

White Core Level 3 Lignin-free face paper, core and backing paper. Bevel starts white and stays white. Great for high quality framing of replaceable artwork.

Cream Core & Black Core Level 4 Lignin-free face and backing papers. Lignin in the core gives it a cream tint which may darken over time. Cost effective for low value framing.

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