Make a Frame From a Hard Bare Wood

Hard woods such as Oak, Ash, Black Walnut and Cherry make beautiful frames whether left raw or finished with a wax or stain. However they are harder to work with than finished woods made on Ayous or Pine and can only be cut and joined on professional framing equipment. Joining hard woods takes some skill - because underpinners displace the timber fibres as the V Nail is inserted, getting a tight join on dense hard woods can be a struggle. If you work with these timbers, try the Hoffmann Frame Joiner, which routs a slot for a dovetail key. Once tapped into place, the key pulls the corner tightly together.

For the best quality cut, order these mouldings mitre cut to size on our Chop Service. We take care to match the grain and colour between lengths as far as possible but it’s important to be aware that bare woods vary more widely than finished woods. They can also be a little more prone to warping and twisting.

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